Farmer Market Finds: Pink Lemons

I found these in November 4th. They are the size of a very large limes, pink inside and striped outside. They taste like lemons despite looking like grapefruit. I used these to make lemon poppy seed and almond cookies.

Mum’s Mango Pudding Recipe.

This is my mom’s trusted recipe of Mango pudding we loved as children and my son loves as well.  My son loves it so much, that my mother sent us mango jelly from Australia, to make.  This is a perfect Kids Cook recipe.  Dissolve 2 packets of mango jelly powder in 2 cups of boiling […]


It’s grape season… I want to think of a grape recipe that’s not salad? View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sunny Skies Kitchen (@sunnyskieskitchen)

Kiwano Fruit and Red Banana

Trying Kiwano Fruit (Horned Mellon) and Purple Banana

I like to try out different ingredients, and when I saw this yellow spikey fruit at the supermarket, excitement over came me, “Would it be sweet and succulent like a dragon fruit or hard like a winter mellon? Do I eat this or put it in soup?” When we got home and sliced into it, […]

Off Bloom Mandarins (California 2015)

California is in a drought (2015) and the weather being erratic has caused a number of problems with the produce. Some vegetables were in short supply or destroyed. The lemon yield didn’t come, I had to buy them imported from the supermarket (with wax all over them, sigh). But “off bloom” mandarin were an unexpected surprise this […]