Podere Ruggeri Corsini is from Langhe in Piedmont, northern Italy

Red Wine: Podere Ruggeri Corsini, 2013 Piedmont, Italy.

We served this on our first recipe review night, where I cook something complicated from a recipe book. We had stuffed eggplant with lamb and pistachio soup. My friend brought coffee, chocolate and mango mousse cakes. The light red went well with the main meal, but didn’t go with the dessert at all. We switched […]

White Wine: Domaine Daulny 2016 from Sancerre.

I served this Domaine Daulny 2016 from Sancerre with miso black cod, baked Agebitashi Eggplant and Chinese coconut dessert. The wine didn’t over power the more subtle Asian ingredient as there were no fruity tastes to clash with what was on the plate. We thought it worked great.  I really liked this wine. Probably my […]