Steamed #Animal #Buns

For my. birthday we went to San Diego and right by our hotel in Little Italy, there was an Asian fusion restaurant that had steamed animal buns. My son was very excited. They tasted okay, just mixed meats with the steamed bun. The steamed bun was amazingly fresh, but I think the meat was ground […]

Hard Rock Cafe: 90s Rock Wall.

My son wanted to learn to fly, so I took him indoor skydiving at Universal City Walk’s ifly. He flew for two minutes over all, even though the process took over an hour and full of nostalgia and wanting to share an “LA Experience,” with my son, we went to Hard Rock Cafe. Which turned […]

Modan Artisanal Ramen…

My friend and I went out for a bite to eat, noodles and chicken wings, followed by a coconut ice cream macaron with matcha shell. The broths in this restaurant are always so deep in flavours and the noodles, chewy with the bounce still in there. The service is fast, the people are polite, it’s […]