About Me.

profilepixI love to cook. I love food and wine. I love cultures. I love California and Los Angeles in particular.

In my 20s, I backpacked all around the world in search of stories and places to write about, and during that time I learned to cook something from every place I went.  While in Guatemala, I asked my house mom to teach me to make tamales. In Sri Lanka, I learned to make hoppers in a hostel on the beach.

Growing up in Hong Kong, my grandmother taught me to make Chinese food. I’m a banana slug (what?) so I know my vegan food even if I eat meat.

These days, my son and I live in LA in a home with a small but busy kitchen.

I’m one of the many cooks and chefs in this city who are mixing all kinds of food together with the goal of creating something new. I’m working towards having enough original recipes for a cook book one day.

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About Californian Cuisine.

Here in California, there are certain ideals many of us like to take into our kitchens: use locally sourced seasonal fruits and vegetables, responsibly caught seafood, free range eggs and meat. Our ingredients and inspirations roam from where our families are from, to the different cultures we share with each other. We lean towards healthy dishes, sometimes with whole grain, sometimes gluten free and vegan but not always.