Recipe Test: Chicken Alfredo

I tried this Delish chicken alfredo recipe. Is it really the Best Perfect Chicken Alfredo? Outside of the problematic English, can something be the best and perfect?

It’s pretty good. Except that the timing and proportions are all wrong.

I followed the time they told me to cook the chicken breast and it was all still raw, and that there was not enough broth or milk to cook the noodles. By the time all of the liquid evaporated, the noodles were still hard, and by the time I added more liquid and cooked it, the noodles started to stick to the bottom of the pan.

So next time, I would either cook the noodles outside in water first, then mix it with the sauce, or put more milk and broth in the first place.

I would make it again, but with the hacks over the recipe.

But on a side note. I have a Cuban friend who lived in Italy for years, and married an Italian man. I suggested we go to an Italian restaurant because I felt like I wanted to have chicken alfredo and he had never heard of it. I described the dish to him, and he said he didn’t think it was Italian. That was the first inkling that maybe chicken alfredo-like king pao chicken- is an American invention.

So I just looked it up and indeed it is!

About Sunny Skies Kitchen

Yan lives in Los Angeles, California with her son in a home with a small but busy kitchen. Her goal is to create enough original recipes to publish a cookbook.

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