Recipe Test: Chicken Cacciatore

I was going through somethings and my friend Jackie brought over some dinner for me. It was her leftover chicken cacciatore. I’ve never had it before, and really enjoyed it.

So I tried the recipe she made it with. Dinner at the Zoo’s slow cooker chicken cacciatore .

It came out well, I had some leftover marinara sauce from another dish, so I added two chicken thighs into the recipe and poured a new jar and also the leftover jar in. I also added leftover Chinese cabbage and carrots into the recipe.

Like my friend, I used rigatoni pasta to go with the chicken.

I liked it, have a lot of leftover which is where all the mushrooms hid in. I made it in an instant pot, so I used the saute function on it. Didn’t really have enough space to fry all the chicken, so the skin wasn’t crisp like in the recipe. When I cooked it, the skin became soft and peeled off the chicken. I am sure that if the chicken was fried like in the recipe it would taste fantastic. However, since the skin was not an important part of the recipe I think I would try it with thighs or breasts to eliminate all the fat and cholesterol in the recipe.

I cooked it on high for four hours in the instant pot slow cook function. The chicken came off the bone easily and it was very flavourful. What was interesting was how the taste of bell peppers really came through.

Definitely will do this recipe again.

I also enjoyed using olives in food, I’m looking up more recipes with olives in it.

About Sunny Skies Kitchen

Yan lives in Los Angeles, California with her son in a home with a small but busy kitchen. Her goal is to create enough original recipes to publish a cookbook.

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