Boxed #Water #ZeroWaste

Since I live in California, I must have water in my home for earthquakes. I need to upgrade the bottles because I knew the plastic will degrade into the water, but I hated buying more plastic water bottles which I do not use.

With everyone freaking out about the coronavirus and buying up water, I started thinking of my dilemma again. Then it struck me to use boxed water. Seemed so simple. I could even order it of Amazon and delivered to my door.

It’s been two years since I started this endeavor to cut plastic out of my life as much as I can. I decided it’s impossible to do everything, it’s not feasible with a child. But I’m constantly trying to find solutions.

About Sunny Skies Kitchen

Yan lives in Los Angeles, California with her son in a home with a small but busy kitchen. Her goal is to create enough original recipes to publish a cookbook.

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