Kids Cook: Cucumber Sandwiches

img_6065A few years ago, my very good friend John-who I originally met in Hong Kong-came to visit us from London. We decided to have a picnic at the Getty Center, and there he packed us a “British Picnic.” One of the items was cucumber sandwiches.

After he read that my nine year old son started to write his own blog posts about food, John suggested for us to make the cucumber sandwiches.

Since cucumbers are in season and Kiowa liked the idea, (he’s very fond of Uncle John as they played water guns and dressed up to Trick or Treat together) we set off on across the Atlantic..



The following post is written by my son. He earned $5 for it.

img_6068Cucumber Sandwiches


White Bread




White Pepper

Cream Cheese (If you want)



1) Cut the cucumbers in very thin slices

2) Put them in a colander, salt them. Wait 20 mins. [This will draw the moisture out of the cucumber].

3) Pat them dry with kitchen towels.

4)  Butter on [the bread]. Put them [cucumbers] on one side.

5) Put cream cheese if you want  (We use Vegan Herbie Vore Cashew Cream Cheese

6) Put white pepper.

7). Squish the bread down. Cut off the crust.

8) Cut it up in quarters.

About Sunny Skies Kitchen

Yan lives in Los Angeles, California with her son in a home with a small but busy kitchen. Her goal is to create enough original recipes to publish a cookbook.

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