Red Wine: Podere Ruggeri Corsini, 2013 Piedmont, Italy.

Podere Ruggeri Corsini is from Langhe in Piedmont, northern Italy

We served this on our first recipe review night, where I cook something complicated from a recipe book. We had stuffed eggplant with lamb and pistachio soup. My friend brought coffee, chocolate and mango mousse cakes.

The light red went well with the main meal, but didn’t go with the dessert at all. We switched to Bailey’s Irish Cream on ice instead. I wonder if the meal could have taken a more heavy or fruity red, but I’m afraid if we do, then the lamb would feel heavier and the meal more “serious” and fancy. We just kicked back. This bottle would work well drunk on its own.

Podere Ruggeri Corsini is from Langhe in Piedmont, northern Italy. They are made from Nebbiolo grapes which I don’t think I had before. This might be the cause of this being lighter than most red wine.

This was recommended to me by K at the wine shop because I liked the light and dry Domaine Daulny 2016 from Sancerre. She said it could be seen as having similar attributes.

This wine had high mineral notes, less floral and fruity. Clean. A little sharp on the tongue with the taste of alcohol when I first opened it but no after taste. Needed a lot of time to breathe. I had opened it for two hours before I started to cook and it still felt sharp (hey, I can have a glass or two before my guests come because I cook a two hour meal for them) but after I left it in the glass it improved as the time went on. I poured out my friends’ first glasses before they came.

We all agreed we liked it and it went well with the first two courses.

I’m starting a review section of this blog as well as a section for wines reviews section.


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