White Wine: Domaine Daulny 2016 from Sancerre.

Sancerre Domaine Daulny White Wine
Sancerre Domaine Daulny White Wine 2016

I served this Domaine Daulny 2016 from Sancerre with miso black cod, baked Agebitashi Eggplant and Chinese coconut dessert. The wine didn’t over power the more subtle Asian ingredient as there were no fruity tastes to clash with what was on the plate. We thought it worked great. 

I really liked this wine. Probably my favorite I’ve had in a long while. Last few white wines I drank tended to be too sticky and sweet, mostly because I’ve been drinking other people’s. I went to the wine store for myself and specifically asked for something light, dry and not sweet.

K (the women at the store) suggested something from the Sancerre Region in France. This place, she explained is famous for its light consistency and has their own distinct taste that is high in minerality (I know it makes it sound like drinking a hill but that’s not the case).

Minerality to me, is the absent of overt sweetness, absence of fruity smells and leaving just the taste of wine. This is a very personal description. I’m not a wine expert and will never know (and don’t care) about the difference between cranberry and cherry tones/highlights…. or the correct term. 

Some people call the wine from Sancerre by the place name and not the grapes even though they are sauvignon blancs as the attributes are so distinct.

I didn’t find the Domaine Daulny 2016 acidic or harsh as I read some people feel the wine from this region are. It seemed citrusy by smell without the sourness lots of dry white wine have.

K suggested the next wine to try to be Txomin Etxaniz from Txakoli de Getaria in Spain, she said it’s a wine that’s even higher on the scale of minerality to see where on the spectrum my preference is.

I’m starting a review section of this blog as well as a section for wines reviews section.

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