Hard Rock Cafe: 90s Rock Wall.

Nirvana's frontman Kurt Cobain's Guitar.
Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain’s Guitar.

My son wanted to learn to fly, so I took him indoor skydiving at Universal City Walk’s ifly. He flew for two minutes over all, even though the process took over an hour and full of nostalgia and wanting to share an “LA Experience,” with my son, we went to Hard Rock Cafe.

Which turned out to be a bit of a waste of time for my son, as when I got there, I realized he doesn’t know any of the bands, and don’t really care about rock music because he’s nine.

I on the other hand, became a teenager and got over excited, so much so, I asked to be reseated next to the 90s Rock Wall rather than next to Motley Crew Drum Set (Blah.)

There I sat next to drums sticks of U2’s drummer, signed Green Day Rolling stones cover, a signed clock by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the coup de grace; Kurt Cobain’s guitar and the cross that appeared on the cover of Guns and Rose’s “Appetite for Destruction.” Did I ever know it was a painted wooden cross? Nope.

The cauliflower burger was surprisingly satisfying because I didn’t expect anything at any of the big chain diners to be that good. The strawberry lemonade of yum and my son’s kid’s menu burger was terrible, just this dried frozen patty. I’ll get him one from the proper menu next time, coz he didn’t even finish his; don’t blame him.

But no one goes for the food to Hard Rock, it’s just for the experience and the excitement of being around music paraphernalia; so here is Tina Turner’s dress. Shirley Manson from Garbage’s leather jacket, and of course Gun’s and Rose’s Cover Cross.




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Yan lives in Los Angeles, California with her son in a home with a small but busy kitchen. Her goal is to create enough original recipes to publish a cookbook.

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