Trying Kiwano Fruit (Horned Mellon) and Purple Banana

Kiwano Fruit and Red Banana

Kiwano Fruit Horned Mellon

I like to try out different ingredients, and when I saw this yellow spikey fruit at the supermarket, excitement over came me, “Would it be sweet and succulent like a dragon fruit or hard like a winter mellon? Do I eat this or put it in soup?”

When we got home and sliced into it, it turned out to be a watery pulpy mess with slippery seeds. It was tasteless, and slimey, like a cucumber that had been sitting out for years.

My suggestions: don’t eat it, don’t buy it, don’t put it in drinks. At US$7 a pound, use the same amount of money to buy a dragon fruit, or for half a new fangled cocktail at a very hip bar with some other fruit.

To say otherwise is just trying to come of sophisticated and daring. If you have to try it for yourself, I say keep it on your fruit bowl for as long as you can because it’s so utterly beautiful, and should be looked at for as long as possible before you tasting it, followed by you putting it in the bin.

The banana in the front is a “red banana.” It is a shade of purple burgundy, and does not look like an over ripe banana. The consistency of the flesh is harder and more fibrous than the usual Dole kind, and has a taste of banana of a deeper and more flavorful tone.

It’s worth trying; can be eaten alone or put in a fruit salad, and yes, in a drink somehow.

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Yan lives in Los Angeles, California with her son in a home with a small but busy kitchen. Her goal is to create enough original recipes to publish a cookbook.

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