Recipe Test: Chicken Alfredo

Testing this delish recipe and did you know that chicken alredo is not Italian?

Recipe Test: White Pumpkin Pie

I live across the road from a pumpkin patch. When my son was little, I would bring him there and let him run around as if it was a playground. I got to know the woman who runs the place, her name is Anita, and as the years gone by, she began giving me the […]

Cracking Sea Urchin into Uni

This experiment has been gearing up in the last few months. First, I was invited to a dive where we would harvest sea urchins in the morning and eat them for lunch. Then I was at the farmer’s market, and saw a woman buying a few of them. I wanted to get one, but she […]

Cheese: Le Delice de bourgogne, Cheese lincet

I always get the same few cheeses, and the other day I went out and grabbed a random one, and I LOVE it. It’s really soft and creamy but has a full round taste with a slight sharpness in the end. It doesn’t smell harsh after a few days like a lot of other soft […]

Farmer Market Finds: Pink Lemons

I found these in November 4th. They are the size of a very large limes, pink inside and striped outside. They taste like lemons despite looking like grapefruit. I used these to make lemon poppy seed and almond cookies.

Recipe Test: Chicken Cacciatore

I was going through somethings and my friend Jackie brought over some dinner for me. It was her leftover chicken cacciatore. I’ve never had it before, and really enjoyed it. So I tried the recipe she made it with. Dinner at the Zoo’s slow cooker chicken cacciatore . It came out well, I had some […]

The Elusive Pumpkin Soup Recipe….. :(

For Halloween, I was given a white pumpkin by the lady in the pumpkin patch across the street from me. I had heard you can cook with a white pumpkin, so decided to try. My goal was to make a pumpkin pie. That only took two cups of puree so I had a lot of […]

Sour Dough Bread!

Ever since we started quarantining over COVID-19, I did what many people did. I started baking bread. My sour dough has come out with different level of success, but this is the video I follow and like the best

Butter Cream Frosting Test

I just tried this frosting: 500g of icing sugar 150g of butter 60ml of soy milk vanilla essense whipped for 5 minutes It was okay, was really soft, and I couldn’t make any florets, not that I really knew how to make it but it had no strength in it. I think it didn’t work […]

Mum’s Mango Pudding Recipe.

This is my mom’s trusted recipe of Mango pudding we loved as children and my son loves as well.  My son loves it so much, that my mother sent us mango jelly from Australia, to make.  This is a perfect Kids Cook recipe.  Dissolve 2 packets of mango jelly powder in 2 cups of boiling […]

Thoughts on Cooking…

Cooking has always been a pleasure for me. Preparing and putting the different ingredients together, waiting for it to heat or cool, then eating.  Often cooking your own food tastes better than the bought version especially when it came to baking, and I enjoyed the process of experimenting and adjusting. I also loved making other […]

Everything Quiche Base Recipe

I’ve been searching for a good quiche base for a long time. They are all different, as how much cream, how many eggs. Sometimes they come off dense. At times too soft. I recently tried this ratio: 4 eggs and 300ml of cream. 40 minutes at 200 C (392 F) It turned our beautifully. Fluffy […]

Blue Eggs….

Farmers Market Finds At the farmers market I found these multicolored eggs. I was especially taken with the blue ones. The vendor said blue eggs were from Americana chickens, while there we Easter Egrets, Rhode Island Red, and Black Copper birds as well. He said that they tasted all the same, but some people felt […]

Chard and Red Onions Quiche.

This is probably one of my favourite recipes I created but haven’t had time to perfect. I couldn’t get the quiche consistency correct. Now, I’m on my food plan, I wonder if I could make an egg white quiche instead? Update! I’ve now found an egg/cream ratio I like. Everything Quiche Base Next step if […]

Boxed #Water #ZeroWaste

Since I live in California, I must have water in my home for earthquakes. I need to upgrade the bottles because I knew the plastic will degrade into the water, but I hated buying more plastic water bottles which I do not use. With everyone freaking out about the coronavirus and buying up water, I […]

Lemon and Herbs Chicken Drumsticks.

This was my simplified version Inkoko Nama Spices which is roasted spiced chicken in In Her Kitchen. Mainly, the instructions was “mixed ground BBQ spices” but I’m not so sure what Zambian BBQ spice was… so I just used the base. Mix juice from one and a half lemon, rosemary, plus my leftover herbs in […]

Steamed #Animal #Buns

For my. birthday we went to San Diego and right by our hotel in Little Italy, there was an Asian fusion restaurant that had steamed animal buns. My son was very excited. They tasted okay, just mixed meats with the steamed bun. The steamed bun was amazingly fresh, but I think the meat was ground […]

My Birthday Pozole

My friend made me Mexican Pozole for my birthday. This is a Mexican soup that is made on special occasions. It is a salsa of red pepper (not spicy) and garlic, then pork and chicken (or pork or chicken), white hominy (a grain) with tarragon, bay leaves, basil, eaten with tostadas, cabbage, radish, onions, dried […]